Application of a CC-VSI for Active Filtering and Photovoltaic Energy Conversion with a 1-to-1 MPPT controller

Hanny H. Tumbelaka, Masafumi Miyatake


This paper focuses on the implementation of a three-phase four wire current-controlled Voltage Source Inverter (CC-VSI) as both PV energy extraction and power quality improvement. For power quality improvement, the CC-VSI works as a grid current-controller shunt active power filter. Then, the PV array supported by a Look-up Table type of a MPPT controller is coupled to the DC bus of the CC-VSI. The output of MPPT controller is a DC voltage that determines the DC-bus voltage according to the PV maximum power. The computer simulation results show that the system works properly in steady state and dynamic condition.


active power filter, MPPT, PV energy conversion

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